Low cost airlines under pressure after Stern report

The world’s getting warmer and mankind’s rampant usage of fossile fuels is causing it. We’ll have to change our behaviour and soon if we’re to avoid a climate catasrophe that could change the Earth forever.

But what about the impact of climate change on travel?

Passenger planes are growing in number and people more than ever are using them to holiday and travel abroad. The problem is that the emissions from jets are injected directly into the upper atmosphere where they do the most damage. Nitrous emmissions are particularly harmful.

After the Stern report pointing out the financial consequences of global warming, it seems likely that there will be pressure on the airline industry, perhaps in the form of a carbon tax.

The low cost airlines are particulalry feeling the weight of the media’s scrutiny arguing that they were being “demonised” according to an Easyjet spokesperson.

An alliance of low budget carriers and Iata have argued that aviation industry only accounts for something like 2% of the total carbon emmissions in the EU, and that much of this is due to fuel being wasted as planes too often have to queue to land and have called for more runways rather than more taxes on flights.

Clearly there will be lobbying by the airlines who are only recently seeing optimism for the first time since 9/11 – but it will be the voters who will have the last say.

The question is are we all in favour of tackling global warming when it means we will have to pay (a lot) more for a holiday abroad.

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