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 Flight ticketing services for chatered or scheduled flights.
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1st-Air.Net- International Business Class Travel
A no nonsense website that offers discount flight tickets for business and first class travellers. As well as generous travel and flight offers, 1st Air also has a special Premiere membership scheme for which members can save with a unique plane Fare Monitor, which captures fare reductions as the change occurs. 1st Air Premiere members also enjoy a greater selection of airlines as well as a choice more direct routes. Definitely worth considering!!
Cheap Flights
FlightNetwork offers cheap flights and airline tickets at up to half price at this time. FlightNetwork offers cheap flights to and from the United States and Canada and prides itself on offering the cheapest available flights online. FlightNetwork also offer what we think is unique - if you buy a ticket in advance and the price falls in the period before your flight, then you'll get a credit for the difference.
Ticket Airline US 
A website comparing deals on airline flights in the US and Canada allowing the visitor to choose best offer on airfare from sites such as Orbitz, Travelocity and Cheap Savings are up to 10 - 70% on flight tickets. Ticket discounts can be on economy, business and first class plane tickets.
Cheap Air Tickets  
Offers discount airfares for over 100 airlines world-wide including Delta, Lufthansa, NorthWest, and many more directly via the Internet. Because airline rates are given directly, online to the general public you can save on air fares and web-fares.
Book Flights American Express Travel 
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