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Medical Tourism
 Holidays combining vacations with essential and non-essential medical treatment such as plastic surgery.
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Plastic Surgery Abroad - Medical Tourism 
Plenitas provide the chance to undergo plastic surgery procedures while at the same time taking a holiday in Argentina. Based in Buenos Aires, the company offer surgery and vacation packages.
Nose Correction Surgery in Budapest 
Nose correction treatment including rhinoplasty with invasive and non-invasive procedures. Prices and details of the treatments on offer are available from the website.
Fat Removal Surgery 
Offers a range of fat removal surgical procedures, including liposuction and full, and mini tummy tucks. Details of the fat removal treatments are given as well as side effects and recovery periods.
Breast Enlargement Surgery in Hungary 
Thid clinic offers cosmetic surgery but particularly breast enlargement, breast reductions and breast lifts. The site lists the procedures and also gives information on how to get to Hungary by air.
Browlift Surgery 
Offers facial cosmetic surgery including browlifts as well as facelifts. There are details on what the surgery involves as well as possible side effects. There is also a guide to traveling to Hungary.
Breastlift Surgery in Hungary 
Brestlift Surgery Abroad offer breastlift treatment in Budapest, Hungary where doctors and nurses all speak English. There are details on how to travel to the clinic on the website.
Ear Correction Surgery in Budapest, Hungary 
Get ear correction treatment and surgery abroad from High quality ear correction clinic with experienced, English speaking surgeons. The company caters mostly to Austrian, Swiss and German visitors.
Facelift Abroad 
Quality facelift surgery abroad with facelift operations, guaranteed really cheap treatment prices in Budapest, Hungary from an English speaking private clinic. There are details available from the Facelift Abroad website. Copy@2020.